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The Division of Engineering and Applied Science at California Institute of Technology

Engineering School Admissions


Director of admissions Joseph E. Shepherd
Application deadline (U.S. residents) December 15
Application fee (U.S. residents) $80
Application deadline (international students) December 15
Application fee (international students) $80

Admissions Statistics

Total applicants (master's and Ph.D.) 2,802
Total acceptances (master's and Ph.D.) 253
Overall acceptance rate 9.0% - Low

Master's Program Entering Class GPA and GRE Scores

Average undergraduate GPA N/A
Average GRE N/A

Doctoral Program Entering Class GPA and GRE Scores

Average undergraduate GPA N/A
Average GRE N/A
TOEFL required for international students Yes
Minimum TOEFL score required N/A

Department Contacts

Aerospace engineering http:/​/​www.​galcit.​caltech.​edu/​
(626) 395-4750
Biological/Agricultural engineering N/A
Architecture N/A
Biomedical engineering http:/​/​www.​be.​caltech.​edu/​
(626) 395-6337
Chemical engineering http:/​/​che.​caltech.​edu
(626) 395-4193
Civil engineering http:/​/​www.​ce.​caltech.​edu/​
(626) 395-4229
Computer engineering N/A
Computer science http:/​/​www.​cms.​caltech.​edu
(626) 395-3034
Electrical engineering http:/​/​www.​ee2.​caltech.​edu/​
(626) 395-8817
Engineering management N/A
Engineering science and engineering physics http:/​/​www.​aph.​caltech.​edu
(626) 395-8162
Environmental engineering http:/​/​www.​ese.​caltech.​edu/​
(626) 395-6070
Industrial engineering N/A
Materials engineering http:/​/​www.​matsci.​caltech.​edu/​
(626) 395-8162
Mechanical engineering http:/​/​www.​me.​caltech.​edu/​
(626) 395-4229
Mining N/A
Nuclear engineering N/A
Petroleum engineering N/A
Other engineering programs N/A

Engineering School Academics


Total graduate engineering enrollment 577
Master's (full-time) 21
Master's (part-time) N/A
Ph.D. (full-time) 556
Ph.D. (part-time) N/A

Graduates (2011)

Total graduates 157
Total master's graduates 85
International master's graduates 43.5%
Minority master's graduates 23.5%
Female master's graduates 17.6%
Total Ph.D. graduates 72
International Ph.D. graduates 31.9%
Minority Ph.D. graduates 23.6%
Female Ph.D. graduates 25.0%


79.9 percent of students reported specialty information. Totals may exceed 100% due to students with multiple specialities.

Program Faculty Student Specialization
Aerospace 11 11.9%
Biomedical 12 7.4%
Chemical 11 11.5%
Civil 6 3.7%
Computer science 22 4.1%
Electrical 20 22.3%
Engineering science and engineering physics 15 8.7%
Environmental 8 5.6%
Materials 7 14.8%
Mechanical 12 10%
Other 3 N/A

Faculty (2011-2012)

Full-time faculty 91
Part-time faculty 0
Full-time faculty elected to the National Academy of Engineering 13

Research (2010-2011)

Engineering school research expenditures (2010-2011 fiscal year) $84,466,405
Full-time faculty engaged in engineering-related research during 2010-2011 academic year 91

Engineering School Ranking

#5 Best Engineering Schools

(9) Ranking by Specialties

#2 in Aerospace / Aeronautical / Astronautical
#21 in Biomedical / Bioengineering
#2 in Chemical
#13 in Civil
#7 in Computer Engineering
#6 in Electrical / Electronic / Communications
#12 in Environmental / Environmental Health
#8 in Materials
#3 in Mechanical

Engineering Ranking Scores

Score 79
Peer assessment score (out of 5) 4.7
Recruiter assessment score (out of 5) 4.5
Overall acceptance rate 9.0% - Low
Average GRE quantitative score (master's and Ph.D. students) 800
Ph.D. student/faculty ratio 6.1:1 - High
Ph.D.s granted 72
Engineering school research expenditures (2010-2011 fiscal year) $84,466,405
Research expenditures per faculty member $918,113
Faculty membership in National Academy of Engineering 14.3%
Total graduate engineering enrollment 577

Engineering School Student Body

Student Body (Overall)

Total graduate engineering enrollment 577

Student Body (Full-time)

Enrollment (full-time) 577
Minority students 5.4%
International students 48.5%

Student Body (Part-time)

Enrollment (part-time) 0
Minority students N/A
International students N/A
Gender distribution (part-time) N/A

Engineering School Cost

Financial Aid Contact Information

Financial aid director Joseph E. Shepherd
Financial aid phone (626) 395-6346


Full-time: $36,387 per year
Required fees $1,176 per year
Room and board $19,315
Books and supplies $1,140
Miscellaneous expenses $7,052

Financial Aid Availability

Fellowships 172
Teaching assistants 106
Research assistants 370
Other appointments N/A


Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, MA

Stanford University - Stanford, CA

University of California, ​Berkeley - CA

Carnegie Mellon University  - Pittsburgh, PA

California Institute of Technology - Pasadena, CA

Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta, GA

Purdue University, ​West Lafayette - IN

University of Illinois, ​Urbana-​Champaign - IL


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